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Practice Areas

Let us help you with your tax and business needs. We have experience in many accounting fields, such as tax preparation, tax planning and estimation, payroll and payroll reporting, quickbooks coaching, as well as bookkeeping. Let us help keep you on track or catch up with your financial needs!

Tax Preparation
With the ever changing tax code, I strive to make sure that your taxes are prepared in accordence with the IRS publications. Whether you have an S Corp, Partnership, Non Profit, Schedule C, Schedule E, Schedule F, or just a W2, I can prepare your taxes efficiently and explain them to you so that you understand where the numbers come from.
Preparing payroll and making sure tax payments are paid and reported correctly can be an additional strain on a business owners plate. I have experience with preparing and filing tax forms such as Form 941 and Form 940, UITR, DR 1094, as well as year end forms such as W2, W3, and 1099s.
Tax Planning
Knowing where you are at financially regarding taxes is a game changer. Your income can fluctuate from year to year, and instead of being hit with a large tax bill, we can meet and strategize how to maximize your income and pay incrementally throughout the year. 
Quickbooks Coaching
As a certified quickbooks advisor, I can help you set up a new company on quickbooks, set up proper expense accounts, and teach you how to create invoices, payroll, pay bills, and download transactions from your checking account.
I also offer bookkeeping services to those who need help either catching up the books, matching books to tax returns, or making sure the reporting is accurate.
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